There are many aliens hiding among us. They look like normal people. Real aliens are waiting to be discovered. Look around and feel the vibe of bad aliens. Know who are Alien impostors to catch them and stop the alien invasion. Find, catch and shoot bad aliens among us to stop an alien invasion by killing the alien games and imposter games. As an alien shooter, hunt Aliens who are imposters and catch and shoot by scanning everything around you. Prepare for an adventure that will test your skills, shooting courage, and determination to protect Earth from the cosmic menace.

Aliens are living around us. Alien impostors have changed their appearance. Find the Alien to stop invading the earth and find the impostors and kill them to end the outer space alien attack. You may find the ghost in your scanner but start a rescue operation to see how aliens evolve and kill the aliens in this imposter game. If you are tired of playing ghost-hunting games by using the ghost finder devices then install the new idle games that are made on the concept of alien invader. Be part of bad aliens games and demon games to hide and seek the alien invasion and to kill the alien.

Be at the forefront of a daring mission to save Earth from an impending alien invasion. Your objective is to locate and confront the extraterrestrial intruders. Quick reflexes and strategic thinking are crucial because bad aliens increasing day by day. Your ultimate goal is to successfully shoo out the aliens, neutralizing their invasion plans and restoring peace to our beloved planet. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay experience in the form of Kill the Alien to kill more outlanders among us. Catch and shoot bad aliens among us to stop an alien invasion and kill all the aliens in imposter games for free.


– Save the world in a fun casual game
– Many rare Aliens are waiting for you
– Each level with different alien story
– Choose fancy guns to shoot Aliens
– Scan to find the impostors among us
– Get new blasters for bad alien killing
– Unlock powerful guns to shoot down
– Realistic graphics and Sound effects
– Rescue people from an alien isolation
– Get a reward to stop an alien invasion
– Save the Earth planet from bad Aliens
– Unpredictable invasion with each level
– Keep killing the aliens to save the world
– Use guns wisely to catch the right aliens
– Keep scanning to find the Alien impostors

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